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SideSlide Pressure Switch Cap (for use with p/n 940K-010PIC) SideSlide Pressure Switch Cap (for use with p/n 940K-010PIC)
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SideSlide Picatinny Weapon Light and Flashlight
PRO III Shield Light Double Switch
TX-3 Tac-Safety
Scout Tasker-Fire Black Case

Swissphone Pager Pro Charger

Swissphone Pager Pro Charger
Part Number SP-0892650
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Swissphone Pager Pro Charger
Swissphone chargers are backwards compatible, meaning that the next generation of pagers released will use the same support equipment: charger and programmer. Other brands force customers to buy new support equipment.
Two types of chargers are currently offered: Standard and Professional. Both chargers use the same internal chip, which determines what type of battery is being used and sound an alert if an alkaline battery has been placed in the charger. Either unit will fully charge the battery and later convert to a trickle charge as to not deplete the cells in the battery.

Professional Charger Advantages:
  • The professional charger comes with an antenna input for use in poor reception areas. A small 3db gain antenna can be put on the BNC. For areas with extremely poor reception an aerial can be run on top of a house or tower with coax into the BNC.
  • The professional charger also has a relay output, which allows users to forward the audio to a powered PA system to amplify the volume throughout the area.

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